"Verses with a View"

Scott Garlock Photography




I'm proud to announce Scott Garlock Photography's newest book "Verses with a View." "Verses with a View"  is a 68 page 7"x 7" Inspirational Collection of over 60 of my all-time favorite fine art photographs with an accompanying Bible verse meticulously chosen for each photograph.



For every hand- hewed beam that I photograph, for every forgotten staircase I traverse, and for each footstep I take on wooden steps beautifully distressed from a lifetime of footfalls; I can’t help but think of those that once called the many abandoned structures that I photograph, home.  These were once the homes of proud southern agrarians, whose work ethic seasoned in blood and sweat, can still be felt by simply touching the sunburned head of an old hand forged nail sticking out of an old split rail fence. Having walked the abandoned halls of many time forgotten farmhouses and getting  the opportunity to speak to the surviving relatives of those that once filled those halls with laughter, I’ve come to understand that these lifetime agrarians were not only committed to their work ethic but more importantly to their faith. It was their strong faith that governed every facet of their lives, and thankfully, it is that same faith that heavily influences my photography. 

“Verses with a View” represents through God’s word the thoughts and feelings I experience when capturing these moments in time.  Furthermore, it conveys that every photograph I take is a gift with a message, and that there is meaning in everything that we encounter.

As you turn the pages of “Verses with a View,” I hope you enjoy my photography and the scripture verse which I feel imparts an appropriate message of the gift I received, a gift I am passing on to you.


"Verses with a View" is available in 4 versions as follows:

Instant .pdf file download for $14.98
E-book for $19.98
Softcover for $39.98
Hardcover Dust Jacket for $49.98

Click on the link below that will take you to the publisher's website where you can purchase "Verses with a View" - a great gift for the Holidays or for you to personally to enjoy.


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