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Carolina By MorningCarolina By Morning

Photographer Scott Garlock of Warren County NC has a passion for capturing images of abandoned historic buildings in eastern and northeastern North Carolina. These landmarks of communities long ago serve as storehouses of memories. You almost can hear the laughter of families at the home place, the hymns in the country church, or the chatter of children at the schoolhouse. As vines and underbrush invade these structures, neglect and encroaching development hasten their demise — and the need for preservation.

In a rapidly changing world, these community landmarks provide a timeless connection to the land and to our place in the world. Scott Garlock Photography's images help renew interest in saving these buildings.

From a red-roofed farmhouse to the grand entry hall of a mansion, the images convey both the beauty and deterioration of historic buildings that are silent witnesses to generations of North Carolinians.

These evocative images are currently featured at the North Carolina Museum of History's exhibit - Rural Revival: Photographs of Home and Preservation of Place which opened Friday, February 20, 2015. On view through September 27,2015, the exhibit also celebrates the possibility of successful restorations and recognizes the partners in preservation that continually strive to ensure the survival of historic architecture.

The exhibit is presented in partnership with Scott Garlock Photography, the State Historic Preservation Office, Preservation North Carolina and the Historic Preservation Technology program at Edgecombe Community College. Admission is free.

Come to Rural Revival and let Scott Garlock Photography take you to another time and place. See eastern and northeastern North Carolina’s abandoned buildings in a new light.

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