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Frozen In History

Frozen In History

"Frozen in History" Shaking off the chill of a winter morn, their mane encrusted in white, a pair of horses nicker in excitement sensing journeys end as a comforting glow of light emanating from warm windows comes into view...welcome home! (2015)

Photographer's Notes - I've always had an affinity for old homes that have carriage porches. It's an architectural element that immediately transports you back in time. This 1900's Victorian home is one of a couple homes that exist in the historic city of Oxford in Granville County, NC that have a carriage porch. Upon seeing this house with the last flurry of snowflakes wafting through the cold morning air, I couldn't help but imagine driving a horse drawn carriage up the main drive back in the day just happy to be home once again.