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Heavens Gate

Heavens Gate

"Heavens Gate" Forged by the hand of man, delicately painted by nature, resolute iron cradling new fallen snow, captures divine artistry on a cold winter morning. (2015)

Photographers Notes - While walking the main street of an historic town in Warren County, NC during an early morning snowfall, I noticed natures winter artistry captured in the voids of a beautiful iron gate belonging to the Bobbitt/Pendleton /Arrington home. According to the website, North Carolina Pioneers, this venerable house was the originally the home of carriage maker William Bobbitt back in 1850, it was later the home of Victoria Louise Pendleton, an educator back in 1863 and then of her daughter, Katherine Pendleton Arrington. From 1926 to 1955, Mrs. Arrington was president of the North Carolina Art Society.One of my favorite elements of this photograph is the subtle cross emerging from the snow covered gate.