Welcome to Scott Garlock Photography. Enjoy your visit and travels thru the Featured Galleries & Collections featuring over 700 images of long forgotten & unique abandoned southern homesteads and their treasures.

I hope you enjoy a sample of my favorite Winter Season homestead, animal, and artifact photographs appearing on the home page and listening to the music titled "Across The Plains"

Fine Art Prints and Specialty Products are available in many sizes and finishes. Look for the "Buy" button on your favorite Gallery page. 

I would like to thank the North Carolina Museum of History and the many folks who attended 2015's "Rural Revival - Photographs of Home and Preservation of Place" Exhibition at the NC Museum of History. It has been a true honor to have my photography featured in this exhibit. For those who lived too far away to attend, there is a Featured Gallery appearing on the website.


Information on how to order my published books including my newest 2016 Photography Book, "Verses with a View" appears in the "About" Section below.


Scott Garlock Photography

Scott Garlock is an abandoned genre photographer from Macon, NC.
Venturing where few photographers would dare to go, Scott specializes in old and abandoned images. His primary focus is long forgotten rural southern homesteads, their architecture, landscapes, artifacts and abandoned American Iron left behind. He also enjoys photographing beautiful wildlife and animals that he has been fortunate to have met along the way.

As a naturalist and historian, Scott believes in the preservation of the structures, their contents and surrounding landscapes. Nothing is ever disturbed and always left as discovered.

Products Available:

Prints & Specialty Products - Visit Featured Galleries & Collections

2014 Coffee Table Photography Book (available in 4 formats )  Whispers From The Past

2015 Paperback & E-book  Steak & Pies

2016 Inspirational Photography Book (available in 4 formats ) 
Verses With a View

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